Finally after 4 years of waiting from the last album (Bass Generation – 2009), Basshunter is back with a new album titled CALLING TIME!!
He produced like 30 tracks and 18 final tracks has been selected to be on the new album which include old style tracks and other tracks like Pop Dance – Electro style.
Why he took so long? For various reasons like the Celebrity Big Brother UK and Big Brother Sweden, and even if he changed the label, the reason is that he wanted in these years to search for the right sounds for the new album and to move on from the past releases. Finally the album is ready!

The album will feature Northern Light, Dream On The Dancefloor, Saturday, Calling Time, You’re Not Alone and Faraway!

When will be available? Even if the release date for South Africa has ben set as May 13 2013, the album is still not available and probably will be during the next upcoming days.

During the next months the album will be released at the rest of the world

At the top the album artwork

This article will be updated for any more detail we’ll know!



Disc 1: Saturday 3:0
Dream On The Dancefloor 3:12
Crash & Burn 3:8
Wake up Beside Me 2:41
Calling Time 3:7
Faraway 3:42
I’ve Got You Now 3:10
You’re Not Alone 2:57
Rise My Love 2:33
Pitchy 2:15
I Came Here To Party 2:48
Dirty 2:53
Lawnmower To Music 4:21
Festihelahuset 2:50
Northern Light 2:49
Faraway Remix 4:55
Dream On The Dancefloor Remix 5:10
Northern Light Remix 3:9

Wake Up Beside me is sang with the mexican artist ¬†Dulce Maria and You’re Not Alone with Kerry Katona¬†

30 seconds preview of all the tracks: